Atenor Group


(€ 1.000, IFRS) 2017 2016
Turnover 220,430 156,830
EBITDA 35,648 35,853
Net result (group share) 22,179 20,375
Shareholders' equity (group share) 146,717 136,654
Net financial position -328,999 -305,077

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Atenor Group

Beneficial interest 11%
AvH Contact: Marc De Pauw

Atenor is a listed company active in real estate promotion. The group invests in large-scale real estate projects which meet stringent criteria in terms of location, economic efficiency and respect for the environment.

Information from the 2017 annual report

Atenor closed the financial year 2017 with a net profit of 22.2 million euros. For the fifth consecutive year, the result follows an ascending line.

The result for 2017 was mainly driven by the sale of 3 buildings in the Vaci Greens project in Budapest. In addition, Atenor has also been able to benefit from the rental income from these buildings prior to their sale. The rental income from the office buildings in the HBC project in Bucharest, which are currently fully let, has also contributed to the results. Almost 75% of the results of the past financial year are therefore derived from the projects in Central Europe.

As in the past financial year, Atenor has again continued the construction and marketing of a number of residential projects in 2017. The margins generated on the sold entities were included in the financial results according to the pace of their construction.

From a strategic perspective, Atenor is increasingly placing its focus abroad. Several new projects were acquired in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in Budapest and in Bucharest. An initial investment was realised in the Paris region. The group also remains an important player in the Brussels’ market, in the European district among others.

Taking the uncertainties inherent to the development of real estate into account, Atenor starts the year 2018 with caution. The group is, however, convinced that further international diversification will be beneficial.


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