Axe Investments

Beneficial interest 48.3%
AvH Contact: Marc De Pauw

The investment company Axe Investments is a joint venture between Anacom (controlled by Christian Leysen) and Ackermans & van Haaren.

Information from the 2016 annual report

Axe Investments has, as an investment company, shareholdings in the ICT firm Xylos, in Agidens, and in the energy company REstore. Axe Investments also owns part of the Ahlers building on Noorderlaan in Antwerp.

Xylos is a leading company in the Belgian ICT market that focuses on the digital transformation of its customers, providing solutions in change management, the digital workplace, the Intelligent Cloud, mobile apps and collaboration platforms.

The brands Inia (Unified Communications), Neo (e-learning), IntoApps (Mobile Apps) and Thingtank (Internet of Things) belong to the Xylos group. The firm has 200 employees and has branches in Brussels, Antwerp and Herentals.

REstore is a European energy technology firm specializing in automated demand response. REstore supplies interruptible power to energy suppliers and grid managers in the form of a virtual peak plant. Using its own software platforms FlexPondTM and FlexTreoTM, it connects those parties to major commercial and industrial consumers, and enables those consumers to minimize their energy costs and maximize income from automated demand response. FlexTreoTM was introduced in 2016 and uses cloud connectivity and big data controlled energy intelligence to respond to real-time opportunities in the energy market.

The real estate of Axe Investments had a good occupancy rate. The renovation works in progress still weighed on the contribution of the real estate portfolio of Axe Investments.

The annual result of Axe Investments was determined by the results of the portfolio companies and the rental income from the Ahlers building, along with the investment results.

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