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Distriplus is a retail group active in the beauty & care sector through the Planet Parfum and Di chains, with 203 retail outlets in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Information from the 2016 annual report

In a retail market affected by the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris, Planet Parfum managed to increase its turnover slightly in 2016 to 97 million euros. The number of retail outlets increased to 82 with the opening of 4 new stores, of which 3 in Wallonia and 1 in Brussels.

The new retail concept, with greater emphasis on an omnichannel retail experience for the customer, has proved its success. The roll-out will be accelerated, with 40 stores being transformed in 2017. By the end of 2017, 90% of the turnover will be realized at those renewed stores.

The online presence of Planet Parfum was further reinforced, so that the e-shop’s turnover more than doubled in 2016.

In 2017, focus will be on the refurbishment of the stores and on training, for which e-learning tools will become available.

Di experienced a difficult year in terms of turnover. The Brussels area in particular, where Di has a strong presence, suffered from the impact of the terrorist attacks. The number of retail outlets was increased to 121 with the opening of 5 new stores.

At Di, due to the growth of low-end retail with its highly aggressive promotional activity, the turnover remained stable at 105 million euros, despite a few shop openings. Di wants to differentiate itself more clearly and faster by offering its own range of affordable beauty products.

On a consolidated basis, Distriplus ended with an operating result which, adjusted for certain non-recurring items, is in line with 2015. The net result came to -2.4 million euros (2015: -13.1 million euros).

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