Axe Investments

Sofinim: 48.34%

(€ mio) 2014 2015
Turnover 0.6 0.6
EBITDA 0.1 0.2
Net result 0.3 0.4
Shareholders' equity (group share) 15.5 15.6
Net financial position 5.1 4.9

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Axe Investments

Beneficial interest Sofinim: 48.34%
AvH Contact: Marc De Pauw

The investment company Axe Investments is a joint venture between Anacom (controlled by Christian Leysen) and Sofinim (Ackermans & van Haaren).

Information from the 2015 annual report

Axe Investments has, as an investment company, shareholdings in the ICT firm Xylos, in Agidens (the new name of the former Egemin divisions Process Automation, Life Sciences, Infra Automation, and Consulting & Services), and in the energy company REstore. Axe Investments also owns part of the Ahlers building on Noorderlaan in Antwerp.

Xylos is a leading ICT service provider which together with its subsidiary INIA sells and implements Intelligent Cloud, Social, Mobile and e-learning solutions. Xylos further extended its range of services in the course of 2015 by setting up IntoApps Belgium, a joint venture with the innovative Dutch app developer IntoApps Nederland. This now enables Xylos to serve the Belgian market with mobile business applications.

REstore is a European energy technology firm specializing in automated demand response. REstore supplies interruptible power to energy suppliers and grid managers in the form of a virtual peak plant. In 2015, Axe Investments invested in a new capital round of REstore, which will be employed primarily to finance the further European expansion and ongoing development of REstore’s own software platform FlexpondTM.

Also in 2015, Axe Investments launched the LOGIN initiative (Logistics & Mobility Innovation) in association with iMinds and Antwerp Management School. Besides supporting (financing, coaching and training) innovative projects in logistics and mobility, LOGIN aims to encourage cross-pollination between new and existing players through special events and networking moments.

Due to lower occupancy and renovation works, the contribution of the real estate portfolio of Axe Investments was lower than in previous years.

The annual result of Axe Investments was determined by the results of the portfolio companies and the rental income from the Ahlers building, along with the investment results.