Sofinim: 50%

(€ mio) 2014 2015


EBITDA 12.0 8.4
Net result 3.7 -13.1
Shareholders' equity (group share) 66.4 53.3
Net financial position -54.2 -50.6

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Beneficial interest Sofinim: 50%
AvH Contact: Piet Dejonghe

Distriplus is a retail group active in the beauty & care sector through the Di and Planet Parfum chains.

Information from the 2015 annual report

With 81 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg, Planet Parfum maintained its turnover in 2015 at 96 million euros in a highly competitive market environment. Stores were opened in Mechelen and Genval, and the new retail concept was further refined. In the first year of activity of the e-shop, focus was on offering a wide product range. This was fully integrated with the check out system, so that products not available in the store can be ordered directly from the e-shop and delivered the next day at home or at the store. In this way, the customer is offered a total multichannel retail experience. Turnover for a first year was substantial.

More than before, Planet Parfum will concentrate on upgrading the service at its outlets. In that connection, it was decided to implement a renewed approach and refurbishment of the beauty parlours. Planet Parfum is the only player in the selective perfume market to have an extensive network of 35 beauty parlours.

Di continued along its growth path and expanded its network to 118 stores, opening new outlets in Genk, Bruges, Eeklo, Arlon and Genval. The new NEO make up concept, which gives a more orderly presentation of the products and entices customers to try out products, was rolled out to 17 more stores.

Di also entered into a partnership with MIVB (Brussels public transport company) to open outlets in the Brussels underground stations, starting with Madou, Schuman and Montgomery. This is in keeping with the wish of MIVB to upgrade its retail park in the stations with a small number of partners.

The turnover of Di increased to 105 million euros, particularly as a result of the growth in make up products. Di continues to focus on further differentiation and the development of its own exclusive brands in the different product groups in which it is active.

Partly due to an impairment on goodwill of 15 million euros, prompted by the impact of difficult market conditions on expected profitability, Distriplus realized a loss of 13.1 million euros.



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