Euro Media Group

Sofinim: 22.24%

(€ mio) 2014 2015
Turnover 317.8 294.0
REBITDA  47.2 47.7
EBITDA 39.3 38.1
Net result -9.9 -18.8
Shareholders' equity (group share) 180.7 96.1
Net financial position -67.8 -71.5

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Euro Media Group

Beneficial interest Sofinim: 22.24%
AvH Contact: Tom Bamelis

Euro Media Group (EMG), European leader in the audiovisual technical services market, has a presence in seven countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy. The group develops its activity as a technical service provider by aiming to control all the stages of production, from image processing to transmission.

Information from the 2015 annual report

Euro Media Group’s fleet of mobile units and studio capacity are among the biggest in Europe.

2015 was an important year, with Euro Media Group recording a REBITDA of 46.7 million euros, compared with 47.2 million euros in 2014. Given that 2015 was a year without major international sporting events, such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup, EMG’s financial performance was satisfactory, even though it was negatively affected by the restructuring of French operations.

The most vigorous growth in 2015 was in Italy (3Zero2), with a nice increase in the number of (co)productions for Mediaset (Colorado) and Disney (Alex&co), and a growth in outside broadcasts. The United Kingdom (CTV) and Belgium (Videohouse) made again a very solid contribution to the group’s results, whereas Germany and the Netherlands were confronted with challenging market conditions due to stiff local competition. In France, the group completed its restructuring operations by further reducing its studio capacity and adapting the organization to the exit from film and fiction activities. The organization was restructured under the direction of the new general manager for France, Lionel Vialaneix. The actions that were taken resulted in a slightly higher EBITDA in 2015 and will make a significant contribution to the 2016 results.

EMG continued its acquisition and growth strategy in 2015. In May, 100% of the shares of Broadcast RF (UK) were acquired, giving EMG an even stronger leadership position in the specialist market of wireless transmission. In September, EMG acquired 67% of the shares of Netco Sports in France. Netco Sports develops ‘second screen’ solutions and is active in the field of connected stadiums. With this acquisition, Euro Media Group further extends its range of digital services. Finally, the group also acquired the 30% minority share of the founders of 3Zero2 in Italy.

The negative net result of -18.8 million euros is mainly accounted for by 9.0 million euros restructuring costs in France and by the recognition of an interest charge of 8.3 million euros on the convertible bonds of Financière EMG.

2016 will be a very strong year for Euro Media Group, with the contribution of the international sporting events (Olympic Games in Brazil and Euro 2016 in France), the positive effects for the full year of the measures taken in France, and the contribution for the full year of the acquisitions in 2015. 



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