Sofinim: 30%

(€ 1,000) 2014 2013
Turnover 1,084,583 1,010,521
EBITDA 43,364 41,967
Net result 8,263 4,558
Shareholders' equity (group share) 70,269 56,410
Net financial position -297,925 -257,521

Key figures




Beneficial interest Sofinim: 30%
AvH Contact: Matthias De Raeymaeker

Manuchar has its roots in commodity trading and, besides trading services, offers added value in logistics and distribution for a wide range of products, with special focus on chemicals and steel. Manuchar targets growth markets in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and has more than 1,600 people working in 41 countries.

Press releases

19/06/2007 AvH acquires a 20%-stake in Manuchar