Telemond Group

AvH: 50%

(€ 1,000) 2014 2015
Turnover 79,588 69,869
EBITDA 7,789 1,724
EBIT 4,610 -2,065
Net result 3,826 -2,623
Shareholders' equity (group share) 49,735 47,225
Net financial position -17,209 -17,781
Balance sheet total 81,199 74,397
Personnel  957 818

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Telemond Group

Beneficial interest AvH: 50%
AvH Contact: John-Eric Bertrand

Telemond Group is primarily a supplier to the crane and automotive industry, with production sites in Poland. Its core competency is the production and management of the supply chain of complex steel structures, with strong specialization in high-grade and wear-resistant steel.

Information from the 2015 annual report

2015 was a challenging year for Telemond. Sales were more than 10% down on 2014. Telemond’s principal customers were confronted with a sharp downturn in the hoisting business, a slowdown in the construction industry in several key markets, such as China, South America and Russia. The overcapacity was offset by a reduction in the workforce. The effects of those cost savings will begin to be noticeable in 2016. A loss of 2.6 million euros was recorded in 2015.

Despite the negative market trends and the decrease in revenue, both Teleskop and Montel were able to maintain their strong market position and their long-standing relations with important customers.

Following a successful relocation,Teleyard was able to step up production at its new plant in the port of Stettin (Poland). Its aim is to become European market leader in the production of components for highly complex steel structures for large-scale infrastructure projects. From day one of production, Teleyard was able to guarantee high quality and 100% punctual delivery. The difficult market conditions as a result of decreasing oil and gas prices led to a slowdown in investments in the offshore industry. Telemond will therefore continue to diversify into the infrastructure and industrial construction markets.

Henschel Engineering Automotive has secured an additional contract from VW for loading platforms with flip-down sides. Delivery will start in 2016 to the VW plant near Poznan (Poland) where the new model of the Crafter van will be built. The additional sales should substantially increase the turnover of Henschel Engineering Automotive.