Sofinim: 45%

(€ mio) 2014 2015
Turnover 22.7 24.6
EBITDA 2.7 3.0
Net result 0.4 -0.1
Shareholders' equity (group share) 7.2 7.1
Net financial position -2.6 -3.6

Key figures


Beneficial interest Sofinim: 45%
AvH Contact: Tom Bamelis

The French Transpalux group, with headquarters near Paris and 7 regional agencies spread across France, rents out lighting equipment, cameras, recording studios, generators and other accessories for professional recordings of images, both outdoors and in the studio.

Information from the 2015 annual report

Transpalux is involved in the production of French and international feature films that are shot in France, and is also increasingly involved in televi-sion productions, events, and lighting of museums and their interiors.

Until 2014, Transpalux was part of the Euro Media Group (EMG), but regained its independence in 2014 when it was taken over by the EMG shareholders, including Sofinim.

In 2015, Transpalux realized a turnover of 24.6 million euros (+8% compared with 2014) and an operating cash flow (EBITDA) of 3.0 million euros. As a result of a non-recurring cost of 0.9 million euros (group share), for which Transpalux is still conducting legal proceedings, the net result for the financial year finished slightly in the red (-0.1 million euros).

In operational terms, 2015 was more of a transition year. During the first six months of the year, Transpalux was confronted with difficult market conditions, partly as a result of the persistent competition from countries (including Belgium and several Eastern European countries) which offer special tax incentives to attract film productions which otherwise would be made in France. In 2015, certainty has been obtained about a change in French tax law that should partly neutralize that kind of competitive disadvantage from 2016 onwards. A higher turnover was already recorded in the second half of 2015.

Since it became independent in 2014, Transpalux has concentrated on expanding its range of services to other market segments, such as the production of television series and films, and lighting equipment for museums and rental of materials for events. The investments in new equipment and the acquisition of the operation of the renowned studio complex of Bry-sur-Marne, which was about to disappear, further reinforced the prominent position of the Transpalux group in the world of French fiction production.

Transpalux looks ahead to 2016 with confidence. The change in the French tax regime that applies to the production of fiction should lead to good occupation of the group’s studios and equipment.