Axe Investments


(€ 1.000, IFRS) 2017 2016
Turnover 697 718
EBITDA 183 159
Net result (group share) 1,887 14,898(1)
Shareholders' equity (group share) 15,031 13,144
Net financial position 3,733 2,237

The figures of Agidens are not consolidated by Axe Investments.

(1) Including dividend payment by Agidens. This dividend is eliminated in AvH’s consolidated financial statements, since Agidens is fully consolidated.

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Axe Investments

Beneficial interest 48%
AvH Contact: Marc De Pauw

The investment company Axe Investments is a joint venture of Anacom (controlled by Christian Leysen) and Ackermans & van Haaren.

Information from the 2017 annual report

As an investment company, Axe Investments has stakes in the IT company Xylos and in Agidens. In addition, Axe Investments also owns part of the Ahlers building on the Noorderlaan in Antwerp. The participation in the energy company REstore was sold in the course of 2017.

Xylos is a leading company in the Belgian IT landscape, focussing on the digital transformation of its customers. The company offers solutions for change management, the digital workplace, the Intelligent Cloud, mobile apps and cooperation platforms. The brands INIA (Unified Communications), Neo (digital learning) and IntoApps (Mobile Apps) belong to the Xylos group. Xylos also acquired shares in the Internet of Things company BAGAAR in 2017. The Xylos group employs 250 people and has offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Herentals.

Axe Investments has been holding a participating interest in REstore, a European energy technology company specialising in demand-driven automation for electricity, since 2012. REstore was acquired by the British energy company Centrica in November 2017. As part of this transaction, Axe Investments sold its participation, and achieved a capital gain of 1.4 million euros.

The occupation level of the Axe Investments real estate was good.

The capital gain on the REstore participation, together with the results of the participations and the rental income of the Ahlers building, determined the annual result of Axe Investments.