Euro Media Group


(€ 1.000, IFRS) 2017 2016
Turnover 303,501 318,638
EBITDA 55,006 55,098
Net result (group share) -4,363 -4,431
Shareholders' equity (group share) 96,663 94,643
Net financial position -70,957 -61,494

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Euro Media Group

Beneficial interest 22%
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Euro Media Group (EMG) is a leading player in the market for audiovisual technical facilities in Europe, and is represented in eight countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland. EMG acts as a full-service provider in its markets.

Information from the 2017 annual report

EMG has a large number of mobile production facilities and studios, but also offers various specialised services, such as solutions for external production, radio frequency solutions, slow motion and other specialised camera services. In addition, EMG provides various digital solutions, including second screen applications, graphic solutions and OTT services.

2017 was an important and structuring year for EMG. The EBITDA of 55.0 million euros was in line with 2016 (55.1 million euros), a year in which the group benefited from its very strong presence at Euro 2016 and the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil. On the other hand, it was 44% higher than in 2015 (38.1 million euros), the previous year without major international sporting events.

This evolution can be explained by various factors. In 2017, EMG sold its studio activities in France in connection with the continued focus on the reorganisation and profitability of the French activities. In France, EMG continued its strong focus on sports and live events, while the group continued to offer all its services in other countries. EMG also continued its external growth strategy in 2017 through 4 acquisitions. These were realised in different countries and market segments, with DB Video in Belgium and Luxembourg (aimed at institutional, business and live events), EBD in Italy and TV Data in Belgium (both aimed at graphics services) and OnRewind in France (aimed at OTT solutions). The acquisition of companies with graphic and OTT services has further enhanced and supplemented EMG’s range of digital services.

The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom recorded growth figures in competitive local markets in 2017. Belgium continued to achieve strong financial results. In 2017, EMG established a new structure in Belgium, from which a part of the equipment rental activities to the group companies and investments are centralized. EMG aims to further expand this central activity in order to increase the utilization rate of its equipment, in particular by focusing more heavily on sports events outside the group’s national borders, and, at the same time, by optimising the overall need for capital expenditure.

The net loss of 4.4 million euros in 2017 comprises 7.1 million euros in interest expenses on convertible bonds. Excluding these interest expenses on convertible bonds, the group achieved a positive net result of 2.8 million euros. This is the first positive net result since 2009 in a year without major international sporting events, and underscores the positive trend of EMG in 2017.

EMG continues to focus on sports and live events, on the further development of integrated service packages and on maximising the added value of non-sports and non-live activities. In 2017, EMG also focused on the more centralised management of its specialised services (RF and specialised cameras) and digital services.

In February 2018, EMG announced its new management structure with two CEOs: Patrick van den Berg, who was interim-CEO and CFO in 2017, will become joint CEO with François-Charles Bideaux, who worked at Canal+, HBS and TF1 in the past, and has moved to EMG at the beginning of 2018.

EMG is anticipating strong results for 2018, amongst other things thanks to a significant presence at several international sports events, including the Winter Olympic Games, the football World Cup and the Asian Games. EMG will also benefit from the fact that the acquisitions made in 2017 will contribute for a full year to the 2018 result. In addition, EMG will continue to implement its strategy with a focus on both autonomous and external growth opportunities.


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