(USD 1.000, BGAAP) 2017 2016
Turnover 1,399,848 1,224,059
EBITDA 55,480 61,318
Net result (group share) 176 10,697
Shareholders' equity (group share) 82,510 88,399
Net financial position -375,430 -308,254

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Beneficial interest 30%
AvH Contact: Matthias De Raeymaeker

Manuchar is active in the purchase and sale of a wide range of raw materials, with a particular focus on chemicals and steel. In addition, Manuchar provides added value in the logistics (both maritime and inland), distribution and financing of these products. Manuchar focuses on growth markets, and has more than 2,000 employees in more than 40 countries, mainly in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Information from the 2017 annual report

In the chemicals segment, Manuchar combines its trading activities in emerging markets with the distribution and the provision of logistics services. The company mainly focuses on chemicals for powder detergents, Home & Personal Care, Mining, Oil & Gas, and also fertilisers. The result was negatively affected to a significant extent by start-up losses in its sodium sulphate production facility in Mexico.

The historical core activities such as steel trading, and the trading and distribution of chemicals, performed relatively well, despite a difficult start in 2017. Both activities showed an improvement towards the end of the year, which meant that the profitability of these two activities in the second half of the year was in line with the average profitability achieved in 2016. Manuchar pinpointed its strategy in 2017, and intends to focus even more strongly on the development of the trading, logistics and distribution of dry bulk chemicals (sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate).

Manuchar continues its strategy of maintaining control and managing costs throughout the value chain by means of own warehouses. In 2017, investments were made in additional storage capacity in Vietnam and Brazil, and a new branch was opened in Pakistan. This supports the geographic growth and the associated increasing demand for these products.

The production facility for sodium sulphate in Mexico, which became operational at the end of 2016, achieved an increased production in 2017. Manuchar is responsible for a significant part of the Chinese export. Manuchar wants to meet the growing demand of the global market, in particular for South American sources. At the same time, the company is also aiming to monitor the quality, from the exploitation up to the delivery to the customer. The production process still had to be perfected in 2017, which affected the result.

Manuchar is well positioned to supply its customers from the different continents.


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19/06/2007 AvH acquires a 20%-stake in Manuchar