Telemond Group


(€ 1.000, IFRS) 2017 2016
Turnover 75,814 69,006
EBITDA 6,846 6,592
Net result (group share) 2,474 2,176
Shareholders' equity (group share) 52,246 47,405
Net financial position -13,752 -13,623

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Telemond Group

Beneficial interest 50%
AvH Contact: John-Eric Bertrand

Telemond Group is a producer of high-quality steel constructions and modules for the hoisting, automotive and maritime-civil sector. The 4 production sites of the group are based in Poland.

Information from the 2017 annual report

Manufacturers and operators of cranes and OEMs in the automotive sector are important customers of Telemond. In the maritime segment, Telemond is involved in the dredging, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

In 2017, the hoisting sector experienced an upsurge after two very difficult years. The global investment expenditures are increasing. The European Union in particular showed a strong increase from the second quarter onwards. Telemond was able to significantly increase its market share with regard to its traditional customer base in 2016 and 2017. The group is expecting a record turnover in this segment in 2018, and is noticing strong indicators that this trend will continue in 2019.

Henschel Engineering Automotive, which produces loading bins with folding sideboards and three-way tipping boxes for light commercial vehicles such as the Crafter, the T6 and the Sprinter, experienced a difficult start-up phase for a new product line for VW. The turnover increased by 30% and is expected to increase again by 20% in 2018. Although the result of the entity suffered because of a challenging product implementation phase, the outlook for future development is excellent. The basis for this was laid in 2017.

The turnover in the maritime segment, which Telemond started to develop in 2014, increased by more than 20% despite a difficult market situation. The areas of activity and the customer base were expanded. Thanks to higher infrastructure investments and the recovery of the oil and gas sector, significantly more orders were received as of the third quarter. A significant growth in the renewable energy sector is expected for 2018 and 2019.