Turbo's Hoet Groep


(€ 1.000, BGAAP) 2017 2016
Turnover 467,665 393,046
EBITDA 27,837 25,863
Net result (group share) 9,677 9,279
Shareholders' equity (group share) 102,599 97,565
Net financial position -106,440 -94,413

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Turbo's Hoet Groep

Beneficial interest 50%
AvH Contact: Tom Bamelis

Turbo’s Hoet Groep (TH), with headquarters in Hooglede (Roeselare), is active in the sales, maintenance and leasing of trucks. In addition, TH distributes spare parts and turbos for trucks, trailers and passenger cars. The group is present with own branches in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Ukraine.

Information from the 2017 annual report

TH Trucks (dealerships, sales and maintenance of trucks, light commercial vehicles and trailers) has 37 branches in 5 countries, Belgium (12), Russia (11), France (9), Bulgaria (4) and Belarus (1) and is one of the major DAF dealers worldwide. In addition, TH Trucks is also a dealer for, among others, Iveco, Nissan, Fiat Professional, Kögel and various other trailer brands. Every day, 400 mechanics are available for customers.

TH Lease (long-term and short-term rental of trucks, light commercial vehicles and trailers) is the largest independent leasing company for commercial vehicles in Belgium. This service is also offered to customers in other countries. The TH-Lease park consists of more than 4,100 units.

TH Parts (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine) is an important European player for spare parts for trucks, light commercial vehicles and trailers. More than 200 specialists guide customers to the right choice of spare parts. The extensive stocks guarantee that the parts are readily available. In addition, customers can also have repairs done.

TH Turbos is worldwide one of the largest distributors of turbos for the ‘aftermarket’. The company’s own branches in 8 countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine) have an extensive stock of turbos for passenger cars, trucks and industrial applications. Technical assistance, repairs and excellent warranty conditions add to the provision of an impeccable customer service.

Heavy truck registrations increased by 0.5% in the EU in 2017. In 2017, TH Groep achieved a 19% increase in turnover compared to 2016. The EBITDA increased by 7% to 27.8 million euros and the net result amounted to 9.7 million euros (+4%). In 2017, a newly-build garage was put into use in Sofia (Bulgaria) and new distribution points were opened in France (Dunkirk and St-Quentin) and Russia (Chelyabinsk and St Petersburg).

The opening of newly-build service dealerships in Aalst (Belgium) and Le Havre (France) are scheduled for 2018.


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