Corporate social responsibility

With its baseline ‘Partners for sustainable growth’, Ackermans & van Haaren confirms its ambition to develop and expand the activities within the group in a sustainable manner, with respect for people and society.

In 2016, AvH introduced its ‘Partners for sustainable growth’ baseline. This baseline pursues development and the growth of activities in a sustainable way, with respect for people and society. This sustainable state of mind is not only imposed by AvH on its participations, but is also strongly promoted by the participations themselves. This interaction ensures permanent attention and increasing awareness about this issue.

As an investment company, AvH takes into account the challenges the society is facing. Investments are considered from a sustainability perspective: do they mean an improvement for people or the environment, and are they ethically sound? AvH also takes global trends, such as global warming and population ageing, into account in its investment policy.

As soon as AvH invests in a company, it expects the company to focus continuously on innovation and on the development of activities with respect for people and society. The strong belief in a long-term relationship gives the participations the time to also develop and implement a long-term strategy in this context, as it is clear that sustainability and a short-term strategy do not mix. Innovation, in terms of both technology and the services and products offered, needs time, and cannot be implemented from one day to the next. The future might show what the actual social contribution of AvH is.

A good example is renewable energy, which has become an increasingly important element in the strategy of the group in recent years. Many group companies have invested in, and developed, renewable energy, energy savings or co-generation. Most group companies have also incorporated environmentally friendly initiatives into their existing activities and day to day operations.

This chapter describes how Ackermans & van Haaren and its key participations relate to sustainability, and how this is integrated into the activities. The examples merely reflect a number of important measures.

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