Sofinim is a prominent investment company in Belgium specialised in private equity. Sofinim provides development capital to medium-sized and larger companies. We apply an industrial and long-term vision.

We do not interfere with daily management, but team up with the management and shareholders to form a partnership. We contribute proactively to strategic thinking and keep up to date on the company's operating and financial situation via the Board of Directors. We also set out to become a sounding board for the company's management, sharing and understanding their concerns.

  • We have in-depth experience in a broad range of industrial branches and sectors as well as in different countries. We offer the benefits of an experienced, stable team with a specific know-how, and an extensive network of contacts.
  • We focus on companies with first-rate management, a good financial track record and an above-average growth capital. We finance management buy-outs and buy-ins, provide growth capital and take minority as well as majority participations. We invest for both the long and short term. Our strong asset base enables us to frame dividend policies according to the financial needs of our partner companies, and to subscribe to new share issues to provide additional capital for companies capable of continued probitable growth.


When can we help you?

Whether you wish to sell part or all your share capital, or whether you are seeking financing for substantial investment or acquisition projects combined with strategic advice for management and shareholders, we are here to help you.

  • development capital: e.g. to expand capacity, launch a new product range, penetrate a new geographic market.
  • finance management buy-outs or buy-ins
  • share purchases from external and/or family shareholders
  • acquisition financing (buy & build)
  • pre-flotation funding

We welcome requests from medium-size and larger companies in all these situations, and are always prepared to try and develop flexible, tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

In principle, we do not invest in company start-ups or investment funds.


What type of businesses are we looking for?

Sofinim is especially interested in medium-sized and larger companies with:

  • a competent entrepreneurial and dedicated management team
  • a clear vision and a detailed business plan
  • a strong and stable market position
  • a good financial track record
  • promising prospects for profitable growth
  • transparent decision procedures underpinned by an efficient and rigorous reporting system
  • headquarters in or within a range of 300 km of the Benelux countries
  • European ambitions.


What can we offer you?

In addition to equity, Sofinim can provide added value in several other areas.

Financial and shareholders stability

Sofinim has a strong asset base which enables us to provide sound businesses with long-term support. With this in mind, the dividend policy is tailored to the company's financial needs. We also apply a policy of follow-up investments: some 50% of the money invested by Sofinim takes the form of follow-on financing for existing participations. Hence, your company can rely on the financial support to develop and grow.

Knowledge and experience

Sofinim contributes to strategic thinking and cooperation with the management of partner companies and actively keeps up to date on their progress. Our stable, multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals has practical experience built up through working in linemanagement, and bring their know-how to bear for the benefit of your company. We also have in-depth experience of large-scale transactions in the Benelux countries, acting as the lead investor gathering together other investors as appropriate and coordinating the overall transaction.

A network of Belgian and foreign contacts

Our shareholders' many years of experience, their financial and business credibility, and their broad range of corporate interests can give you access to the right contacts.

Applying the discipline of corporate governance

We actively support the initiatives in Belgium in the area of corporate governance.

Fast, independent decision-making processes

Sofinim brings you the benefit of a small team with short lines of communication to its Board of Directors and shareholders.


For more information, contact the Sofinim team