19/09/2018 Leasinvest Real Estate : Capital increase
14/09/2018 Leasinvest Real Estate acquires office building at top location in European district in Brussels (BE) & concludes important lease in Cloche d'Or (LU)
22/08/2018 Leasinvest Real Estate: Half-year results 2018
17/05/2018 Leasinvest Real Estate: Interim statement
29/03/2018 HPA sells the real estate of 14 senior care residences to Icade Santé
22/02/2018 Leasinvest Real Estate: Annual results 2017
24/01/2018 End 2017 Leasinvest Real Estate increases its further investments in Luxembourg, full occupation Mercator (LU), first tenants for Treesquare (BE), and extension of Frun© Park Asten (AT)